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How To Secure Cash In Checkout In My Store?

The automatic coiners

The first solution that comes to mind to secure cash at the cash register is the installation of automatic coin machines. Indeed, they make it possible to verify the authenticity of the notes, to have no liquidity in the sight of the customers and thus avoid robberies. In addition, there is no longer the need to count the cash fund at the end of the day, nor to give change to each customer. With these cash machines, you reduce your queues and management time, while securing your business. A priori, the only disadvantage of an automatic coiner would be the loss of link with the customer.

The smart cash drawers

If you want to maintain customer contact while securing your transactions, Cashspeed cash drawers will satisfy you. Indeed, they make it possible to count the incoming and outgoing currency thanks to an integrated balance system.

The smart safes

These are deposit boxes integrated under the cash registers and directly connected to the point of sale, making it possible to secure the tickets and verify their authenticity.

The complete solution

Alternatively, you can opt for the complete solution, including the smart cash drawer, the deposit box, the Cashspeed software as well as the associated application and web access. This will ensure the counting, security, control and analysis of all transactions. This investment is profitable because it reduces the costs related to controls, errors, personnel, transportation and additional costs (locked-in money, counterfeit currency, etc.).