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With Cashspeed

Easier, faster and more secure checkout in your store.

We give merchants full control of transactions to optimize cash handling.

Secure your cash

Theft and cashing errors cost retailers more than 60 billion euros each year. Beyond the direct costs, the monitoring imposed by these issues has a financial impact on the organization of teams and requires the manager of time that he could focus on other activities.

Your simplified checkouts

The time it takes to record, prepare and close cash, multiplied by the number of cash registers, stores and employees is quickly becoming important. This is a real additional burden for a business.

Visibility on your cash flow

As the number of checkouts or stores increases, remote cash management becomes more complex. However, you need to optimize cash management almost in real time: transaction errors, stocks of coins and banknotes at the till, activity peaks, securing excess cash …
financial, on the organization of teams and requires time for the manager that he could focus on other activities.

The best choice to secure your cash

They made the choice of security and simplicity

Digital Manager

All transactions on web access and a mobile application

Customized access to all your figures in real time


Instant vision

You have an overview of the cash in the cash register and in the safe



You are alerted in the event of cash discrepancies, unauthorized movement and remaining cash stocks



You have daily, monthly or annual analysis reports


Our goal ?

Optimize and secure the handling of cash.

We are a French team, established worldwide, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of electronic payment. Since 2016, CASHSPEED has been developing innovative solutions to contribute to faster, more efficient and accurate cash management and to prevent financial losses for businesses.



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