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A range of innovative products aimed at simplifying and securing the cash flow of retail businesses

Whatever your need, we are able to offer you a suitable solution. Our products connect immediately to any cash register software and record, control and analyze all cash transactions at the point of sale.


The CashSpeed ​​SAFE solution comes in the form of an intelligent deposit box connected directly to the point of sale thanks to our software. This solution offers you the security and validation of banknotes as well as a visualization of the deposits made.

It finally announces at the end of a work session, the theoretical amount that you must find in your cash drawer.

Solution Safe Cashspeed
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Solution Safe +
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Safe Plus


The SAFE PLUS solution comes in the form of a cash drawer and a smart safe connected to the sales terminal through our software.
It records and analyzes in real time all cash transactions made at the point of collection, allowing immediate alerting of transaction errors or untimely withdrawals.
In addition, it validates and secures the banknotes as soon as the maximum cash flow threshold is reached.


The Recycling CashSpeed ​​solution is an automated closed-circuit solution that completely eliminates cash handling and secures funds.
It has two steel modules that fit directly into your furniture.

Monnayeur automatique
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