How Do I Know How Much I Cash In Real Time In My Store Using My Smartphone?

You didn’t know it was possible, but it is! Thanks to Cashspeed, which has set up a web access as well as a mobile application connected to your store’s cash drawers.

Smart Cash Drawers

It is not necessary to have an automatic coiner because of which you could lose customer contact. It is enough to install smart cash drawers, equipped with a balance system to count the incoming and outgoing cash at each transaction.

Web access

These cash drawers are connected to the Cashspeed Manager web platform, on which you can have an instant view of the daily activity of a store chain, a store or a specific cash register. In addition to the functions of cash control, security and tracing, Cashspeed is a real tool to manage daily activity. You will be able to access:

-Simple and operational reporting
-Cash Flow Dashboards
-Analysis of business highlights
-Detailed audit trails by cashier with access to time-stamped transaction data.

Mobile App

If you don’t have access to your laptop, you can also view all this information through the Cashspeed Manager mobile app. This allows to have a vision of transactions anywhere and anytime. You are alerted instantly when there is a cash discrepancy, an unjustified cash movement or if the cash stock remaining in the cash register is low.