How do I prevent theft by employees of my store ?

Petty theft in-house can take a heavy toll on a business’s finances, so don’t take them lightly and find solutions to fix them. In fact, internal thefts represent 37% of thefts committed in stores, and correspond on average to 21% of shrinkage.

A video surveillance system

A video surveillance and recording device can be effective in combating theft committed by a store employee. This system makes it possible to identify the culprits or to deter the person before they take action. However, the employee must have been warned beforehand of the presence of cameras.

A smart device that detects theft

Today, thanks to Cashspeed, you can integrate an application directly into your cash register software, allowing you to alert you in the event of theft. This application is connected to your mobile as well as has web access, on which you can monitor each cashier, store or chain of stores. Any unauthorized cash movement will be notified on the app, deterring internal theft. In the event that thefts are committed despite everything, you will know who is the culprit and the amount stolen.

As the saying goes, « prevention is better than cure »!